HSD, a BIG PLUS certified manufacturer

HSD, a BIG PLUS certified manufacturer

September 18, 2023, Gradara

HSD has recently been included in the list of certified companies entitled to produce BIG-PLUS compatible tool changing systems.

BIG-PLUS Spindle System is a product of BIG DAISHOWA SEIKI CO. LTD, which surpasses all other spindle concepts by offering interchangeability with existing machines and tool holders. BIG-PLUS is indeed a solution that stands out from other tool holder systems thanks to clear competitive advantages. It is the only system in the world capable of guaranteeing simultaneous double taper and face contact between the machine spindle and the tool holder for tapers 7:24. 

The system guarantees users a number of advantages, including an improvement in surface finish and dimensional accuracy, extended tool life and a drastic improvement in ATC repeatability. The BIG PLUS also helps to eliminate Z-axial movement at high speeds as well as prevent fretting corrosion and improve processing accuracy and stability of the processed surface.

Only original BIG-PLUS tool holders enable the advantages and strengths of a BIG-PLUS spindle system. As a matter of fact, BIG DAISHOWA carefully controls 100% of its tool holders and therefore ensures that all products fall within the tight tolerance margins foreseen by the system. Hence, only BIG-PLUS branded tool holders, such as those manufactured by HSD, guarantee an optimal performance in a complete and safe way.


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